MBTA Commuter Rail Tracker App Reviews

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Next station was missing -Fixed.

Next Station is now showing.. it was missing this morning. Great App..

The best commuter rail app!

I just started taking the commuter rail and this app has saved me so much time and frustration. Not only does it surface delays so I don’t wait outside on the track, but the Reporting feature allows passengers to share real-time updates on specific trains. This morning there was a long delay due to a disabled train, but a “mystery train” showed up and was running 5 minutes ahead. Was able to track that status through other passengers and actually get a window seat. To the developer, I’d love the ability to sort or filter by inbound/outbound trains, since I’m only ever looking at one direction.

Helps get ahead of crowd at South Station

I pay $264 a month for a Zone 4 monthly pass and for that kind of money I hope to get a seat on the commuter train. The “report” feature lets fellow passengers alert one another to which track the train is on several minutes before it’s officially announced so it’s possible to get a little bit of a head start ahead of the crowd. Also when train is delayed there can be some funny chatter via the reports feature! Anything to lessen the stress of an awful commute!

Helpful app!

Is anyone also getting a error that says can’t connect to network? Then when I try to click app support it says bad gateway... Update: Thanks to the developer for his/her response—clearly the MBTA outage isn’t expected and glad there are safeguards in place now, I have adjusted my review.

Stopped working

Ok, first off, this has been and I assume still, a great app. It is tied to trains’ reporting so, if they stopped reporting their location, there is nothing the developer can do. Blame the MBTA, not the developer or the app. However it stopped working two days ago without explanation or any other prior warning. Either an update went wrong or the developer just quit and relocated to another dimension. Whatever the cause, it harmed thousands of people relying the info. Bad part is, since it is a great app, many people started to trust/rely on that completely so any error that lasts this long is definitely causing problems more than one can anticipate.


This app never works

Great app until it stopped working

This has been a great app until it stopped working a day ago.

Been down for 2 days

Do I get a refund for that?

App down!!

Just when I started seeing the benefit of this app - it’s down. It’s been over 24 hours. What’s going on? Paid service, but no service!!

Great app

Great app

Best app ever

Absolutely love this app The only thing I would change is being able to track “special event trains” that being said I realize it is out of the control of the app maker and fully up to the MBTA

Good enough for me

Once a train is en route, this app is VERY helpful. Partially because it provides updated ETAs and partially because users frequently comment on it, letting you know of any delays. That said, I’m not sure the schedules are completely accurate, one trip was scheduled to start 10 minutes later in the app than in reality. For scheduled departure times, I’ve been using the MBTA site. I haven’t tried any other app. But between the MBTA site and this app, it has been good enough for me so far.


Provides good info. Larger text/font please!

Best app ever…

My wife and I Love this app! It provides the most accurate and up-to-date information in a format that easy to read and understand. We have other apps, but this is our primary! Keep up the good work!


Very useful to find where your train is while waiting at the staton

Saving my morning, every day

I use this app together with the Alexa BostonRail skill and it saved me so many hours of waiting on the platform for trains that are late. Even when the MBTA screws up the data feeds, the passenger report help to gauge the real position of a train. One of the most used apps on my phone!

Why no information on train 500 from Worcester

All of a sudden the information stoped.

Bad update

App was great until recent update. Now it doesn’t show early trains.

Update not working

This was a wonderful app but the new update is causing my app to not show any trains. Please fix

Pretty great app

Thanks for this useful app!! Seems bug-free. I wish that when I drill down to train history that I could see user’s message history too....Just for fun.

Thought this was a saving grace

But I was wrong. Of course during yet another frigid day in Boston, I was counting on the app to keep me from freezing very long. The Franklin/495 listing showed it had problems reporting. Yet two stops just ahead of mine were light grey as opposed to dark. Although no times were shown “scheduled” or “predicted”. The comments are conflicting as someone mentioned they were in an ice box and the train hadn’t arrived in Norfolk while another wrote a few minutes later that it just left. So hedging this information I headed for the train and it was pulling out just as I arrived. And still the app shows no indication of movement. So glad I paid for this. The developers should offer a make good if they ever want to regain my trust.


This year the train schedule has been a bit better than last year. I am a frequent user on occasion there is a hiccup due to Mecanical/emergencies my suggestion would be to post this ahead of time on the platform monitors so that we are kept to b the loop. Another suggestion would be to send alerts to our mobile phones if we have the app.

The best train app

This was already my favorite commuter rail app because it has all the info I need (train times, delays, alerts, maps, marking favorite trains, reports/comments from users), and version 2.0 made even more improvements. The app is very noticeably snappier, and remembering the last line you viewed when you reopen the app is super helpful. Well done!

Best commuter rail app around

I've tried several of the commuter rail apps, and this one is the best. Simple to use, info is clearly organized, and well maintained. Love the feature that shows likely track based on historical data. And the community input feature has saved me on bad weather days. Thanks for a great app!

Stuck on loading screen

Newest update doesn't load, gets stuck on the loading blue screen. Edit: problem has been fixed for me!

Thank you

Thank you for developing this app. It is the most reliable source for real time train status available. My fingers and toes thank you on this cold day.

Was good but now it’s not!

Put the coach numbers back!

Great app

Super helpful and accurate. I used to use the free website but it was not very good and this app lets you write reports.

App doesn’t remember Favorites

I use this all the time but suddenly it forgets my “Favorites” even after repeatedly re-entering them. Developer,Is happily up this to5 stars if you fix this problem. Thanks.

Five stars!

Nicely done! All the info you need, easy to use.

Great app

Love the dashboard maps and track predict. History is great. App keeps getting better. One suggestion. Allow us to crowd source train configuration. This way over time you’ll be a database of it’s a 6 car train with 3 doubles 3 singles. The sets don’t change much so it should be accurate. Great app!!!!!

Accurate and Easy

This app has worked amazingly well for me. While I cannot claim it has 100% accuracy it is very close. Very user-friendly.

Wow! All the info I need!

I was very pleasantly surprised by everything this app has to offer! It has a great interface that clearly shows each trains' status, real time GPS info, and best of all, the ability for passengers to post updates and communicate. This is especially helpful when passengers on a delayed train can inform those of us waiting on the platform about why the train hasn't arrived. Well worth the purchase!

Targeted purpose and superb result

No other choice to have and use every day. Have explored many and widely smiled when finding this one. Hope that enhancements don't spoil the scope and purpose of the app...I know the restaurants,etc. on my route. Tell all to get it and pay short change if needed...don't never add ads please, please!!!!

Commuter's best friend

Given the wonky state of the Commuter Rail, this app has been a godsend for figuring out my transit options. Would love the ability to pin my favorite trains to an initial view so I don't need to drill into my line and my trains every time I open the app and save me some time. Fire some notifications if my train is later than usual and I'd be thrilled.

This app rocks

Exactly what I needed - I head to North Station every workday in a rush. Knowing what's going on with the train I'm targeting and the next one (as a backup) is crucial. Crucial to my planning and peace of mind for that slightly frantic period that encapsulates an important piece of the "work/life balance" for me. This app gives me exactly the up-to-date train information I need in such a clear way. The perfect app for a very specific and critical aspect of my day!

Love this app!

Great app. Must have for commuter rail train riders.

Perfect App for Real-Time Commuter Rail Updates

Best app for commuter rail info - accurate and timely - exponentially better than anything the MBTA or Keolis offers.

Finally someone has done it right!

Found this app after struggling again to give my wife some near realtime info. I was able to install, learn, and text her what to do in 2 minutes. The next day she tried it out herself. It is a pleasure to use and getting the reason for delays is great.

Must Have

The amount of detail provided to commuters is invaluable. Real time map, arrival predictions, and passenger reports provide more timely and helpful info than the MBTA itself when trains are off schedule.

Lots of well organized info

Lots of detailed information organize in an easy to use manner.

Well Done!

The first truly useful commuter rail app! You would be totally justified to make this a paid app.

A lifesaver

My train is *always* late, so I really need this app. It is way more precise than the MBTA's text messages and lets me calculate just when I need to leave home or work to make it to the station on time. The ability for passengers to post messages like "just left North Station" is also very helpful. No more panicking or guesswork!

It's too complex to use!!

It's too difficult to catch the schedule for the middle stations. I Would really appreciate if this app describes with time table like on pan-flaps.


While there are many things to like about about this app – I cannot recommend it, because they do not keep their schedules up-to-date when changes are made by the MBTA.

Saves me everyday!

Simple to use for daily use. Wouldn't use as a tourist.

Life changing

My train used to have delays all the time but since getting this app it's never been late or had issues.


If you're a regular MBTA commuter you need to get this. Hands down the best app for it. The map and rider reports are super helpful since you can't rely on the T to be on time. When the train's broken down you can just chill at home a bit longer.

Really well designed and works well.

This really works as intended. Good tracking and the GPS functionality is spot on. Well worth the cost.

Incredibly helpful

This app has been invaluable for my commute. Highly recommended

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